Ventana Symhony H&E

​Ventana Symphony H&E represents a unique device that allows fully automated “One Touch H & E” process, minimizes tissue problems such as pollution and misleading record keeping as well as increases the efficiency, safety and quality. It also allows individual coloring of each slide with fresh reagents for each test allowing protection from contamination with other tissues that may occur during instrument work on the principle “Dip – and – Dunk” coloring baths. Product specifications:
  • Provides continuous placing of 500 slides with a production speed of 160 – 200 slides per hour.
  • Flexible handling with the possibility of placing STAT slides at any point of the process.
  • Simultaneous operation with multiple different protocols.
  • Ready to Use system reagents with the ability to monitor their levels and their continuous replacement during operation.
  • Xylene free work process which increases the safety of laboratory personnel.
  • Cover the slides with a glass that has inflicted adhesive.
  • Identification of slides through barcode that supports various formats.
  • CareGiver software that allows remote operation and service diagnostics.
  • The instrument SYMPHONY replaces three separate instruments in manual process work as roasting device, device for dyeing and device for covering glass, which automates the entire process of drying, deparaffisation through coloring, until covering with glass slide.