Urisys 1100

​Urisys 1100 analyzer represents a leap towards intelligently and advanced urine testing. Product specifications:
  • Allows easy, mobile way to quickly and standardized evaluation of the bands of urine in your laboratory.
  • Compact, mobile and easy to use analyzer for evaluation of strip by striIdeal for small laboratories and primary protection.
  • Its use eliminates the possibility for visual error by reading the urine strip.
  • Standardized with Combur Test strips by manufacturer Roche Diagnostics with 5, 7 and 10 parameters.
  • Possibility to connect to a computer, barcode and keyboard for entering data.
  • The whole measurement lasts 70 seconds allowing 50 patients per hour.
  • Auto correction of the obscurest in the urine color.
  • Built-in thermal printer that immediately shows the results.
  • Memory of 100 results.