Cobas u 411

Cobas u 411 half automated analyzer represents a true progressive solution for managing the daily routine in laboratories with an average size. Product specifications:
  • With its speed of 600 tests per hour easy, fast and standardized method for evaluating the urine strips for a laboratory with high precision and reliability.
  • The calibration interval of 4 weeks significantly reduces the commitment of staff.
  • Possibility of continuous adding strips for measurement and automatic detection of their introduction.
  • The ability to connect with sediment terminal provides evaluation of both results of microscope and analyzer.
  • Integrated waste container which avoids contact with the used tapes.
  • Easy and clear to work system software.
  • Integrated thermal printer and LCD display that responds to touch.
  • Opportunity to connect with optional barcode software and external laboratory software.
  • Capacity of memory results of 1000 and 300 controls.
  • Its use eliminates opportunities for visual error by reading the urine strips.
  • Standardized work with Combur Test strips of the manufacturer Roche Diagnostics with 10 parameters and minimal variation from lot to lot.
  • Automatic correction of the turbid in the color of urine and reduce the impact of the presence of vitamin C, made possible by the improved quality of the strips, this contributes to increased confidence in the results.