Cobas h232

Cobas h232 a system that is always on hand, ready for use and with whom with a minimum of handling we have a result. Product specifications:
  • This system allows you to quickly and easily obtain the results of cardiology spot in the intensive care units in period from 8 to 12 minutes.
  • Easy and fast start measuring.
  • The automated calibration and the minimum maintenance makes it ready for use at any moment.
  • Its design makes it very flexible and can be easily moved and used on site in sections where fast and accurate result is needed.
  • Provides results that are compatible with results of automatic analyzers from the Roche Diagnostics program.
  • Ability to work with batteries and carrying out 10 measurements on full battery.
  • Wide measurement ranges for the parameters.
  • Memory up to 500 results and 200 codes for strips.
  • Works with 150 μL venous blood with heparin added.
  • Simple software for operating and the possibility to connect with external software.
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