Cobas® 4000

The Cobas® 4000 series of analyzers including the cobas c 311 and cobas e 411 analyzers is an integral member of the cobas modular platforms and presents a complete solution to labs with an average size. Product specifications:
  • This modular platform simplifies the logistics and the efficiency is brought to a nearly ideal level. It can consolidate more than 95% of routine work in clinical chemistry and immunology.
  • Wide range of tests of about 190 different tests
  • Increased reliability by using the unique concept of reagents, cobas c and cobas e that are ready for use without any prior preparation and with significantly improved stability on the instrument for 3 months. It is worth to note that for over 90% of the tests, the calibration is with the change of the lot.
  • cobas® 4000 system implements 4 different measurement technologies:
    • ElectroChemLuminiscence ECL
    • ABS Photometry
    • Homogeneous Immunoassay
    • ISE
  • Ability to work with these types of samples:
    • Serum
    • Plasma
    • Urine
    • Liquor
    • Full Blood
  • ​Confidential and compatible results from the same manufacturer.
  • Increased data security, access to the latest information on reagents, calibrators and controls as well as additional service support in every moment is provided by cobas link and cobas e-services built into the system software.
  • Allows greater flexibility of staff and a shorter and simpler training.
For more detailed information about the product specifications and the test menu, click here.