Cobas c 311

​Cobas c 311 continues the tradition of the Roche / Hitachi analyzers specifically Roche / Hitachi 902 and one of the most stable clinical chemistry analyzers ever produced. Product specifications:
  • Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer of safe mode which integrates 4 measurement technologies.
  • Capacity of 300 t / h with built in ISE module (Na, K, Cl, Li) makes this tool ideal for medium sized laboratories.
  • Integrating the 4 different measurement technologies provides a wide range of tests (over 120), which again achieves a consolidation of the work of the analyzer and increases the efficiency in the laboratory.
  • Possibility of placing 108 samples with continuous access.
  • The process is automated to the extent that the device can be programmed in certain time of the day to perform the necessary daily maintenance procedures and be prepared to work without undue waste of time. This fact and the fact that the process is completely continuous (given access to reagents, samples and giving orders at any time of the process) improves the maximum efficiency in the laboratory.
  • There is no need of any reagent preparation (Ready To Use) recognized by the barcode device during insertion. They are placed in the refrigerator of the instrument which increases their stability on the instrument as from the day of their opening up to 3 months. The frequency of calibration for the most reagents is at lot changes that significantly reduce costs.
  • The reliability of the results in every moment of the process despite the increased stability of the reagents and the controls, also contributes the system for detection of coagulum (Clot Detection) and contactless ultrasonic mixer which reduces the possibility of contamination.
  • Ability to work with these types of samples:
    • Serum
    • Plasma
    • Urine
    • Liquor
    • Full Blood
  • System software is clear and easy to use, based on the Windows XP platform.
  • Increased data security, access to the latest information on reagents, calibrations and controls as well as the additional service support in every moment is provided by cobas link and cobas e-services that are built into the system software.