COBAS® TaqMan® 48

​Cobas® TaqMan® 48 analyzer and Roche Diagnostics are the top leaders of the PCR and evolution. Product specifications:
  • Fully automated Real – time PCR analyzer that uses a closed system tubes, making it practical and easy to integrate into your laboratory daily routine.
  • Working with a secure system and secure tubes and with secure thermal units the possibility of sample contamination is reduced.
  • The capacity of one release from 6 to 48 samples provides increased flexibility and efficiency.
  • The two separate thermal units (thermal cyclers) with operating time from 90 to 120 minutes increase speed and reduce the necessity of using several different platforms.
  • Real – time TaqMan PCR method provides unsurpassed accuracy, superior linear range and the possibility of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the same test.
  • Significant reduced need for processes after the PCR reaction.
  • Opportunity for scanning genetic material within a few hours with minimal need for sample.
  • Use of AMPLILINK software is based on the Windows platform and easy and clear to use. This software enables full monitoring of the patient and all processes, graphic display, automatic repeat, automatic calculation of results, automatic printing of the results, automatic recording of data (buck – up) to prevent their loss to eventual failure, with password protection for all notice and possibility to connect with other laboratory software.
  • The opportunity to work with the auxiliary channels increases the flexibility and efficiency by allowing job applications defined by the user on fast and accurate platform.
  • Ability to connect the Cobas AmpliPrep and avoidance of manual sample preparation, which automates the entire process from preparation to measurement.