COBAS® AmpliPrep

​Cobas® AmpliPrep system replaces the manual preparation for PCR with automatic preparation that allows robotic precision. Product specifications:
  • Fully automated system for preparation, which in combination with the tests completely automate the entire process of samples extraction for both qualitatively and quantitatively examination. Manual steps are limited to placing the samples and reagents to the instrument.
  • Capability to use diagnostic monitoring of patients, and also for screening of blood donors in the so-called donor pools.
  • Possibility for placing 72 samples and 4 different applications at the same time on the instrument.
  • The reagents are sealed, ready for work (Ready to Use) and after they are placed the instrument automatically reads its barcode so they are immediately ready for use. This avoids any error which may occur in case of manual preparation.
  • Reagents and samples can be continuously added during the process without interrupting it.
  • Using the SPU system for pipetting (System Processing Unit) which is for one use only, reduces the contamination between the samples during the performance.
  • The instrument has implemented system that ensures the integrity of the volume of pipetting the sample and the reagent. Efficiency and reliability of the results is further enhanced through the system for the detection of sample (Clot Detection).
  • The use of AMPLILINK software is based on the Windows platform and it is easy and clear to use. This software enables full monitoring of the patient and all processes related to him/her, a graphic display, automatic repeat, automatic calculation of results, automatically print the results, automatic recording of data (buck – up) to prevent possible loss by defect, password protection of all information and the possibility to connect with other laboratory software.
  • Possibility to connect with the Cobas TaqMan 48 automates the entire process from samples preparation until incubation and measurement.