• For public and private health institutions. Supply of compatible reagents and service support.


  • Easy and fast use. Safe to use in clinics and surgery.



    The newest generation of instruments for automatic tissue preparation, with flexibility needed for increase the numbers of tests, number of slides and speed.

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Our quality and professionalism are guarantee for your assurance
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Our purpose is to offer high quality laboratory equipment and high quality reagents.

With accurate results, we implement worldwide accepted standards in the health care in R. Macedonia.

Wide range of products

As official representative and distributor for Macedonia we offer a wide range of products manufactured by the world’s most remarkable brands in the field of medicine and laboratory equipment.

Appreciative clients are the measurement for our success

When the clients recognize the high standards the success is inevitable.

The today's success of our institution is among other things, due to the high quality that we offer in the form of reliable, accurate and timely results for patients. Our success is impossible without wholeheartedly support from ADRIAMED, who as a reliable expert partner at any moment meets our needs for a regular supply, regular service and expert support for all of our creative ideas.

Private Clinical Hospital ACIBADEM SISTINA, Natasha Chokrevski Zografski - Head of clinical chemistry
Our team is dedicated to practice the laboratory medicine according the highest standards, obtaining accurate and fast results and satisfied clients. Regular and in time supply with reagents and consumed material, service support 24/7 in all our 4 laboratories in and out of Skopje. Only a few companies have the knowledge and resources to fulfill all our requirements, since our first steps in 2001.

SYNLAB – diagnostics laboratories, Maja Todorovska, MD MSc
Distributor of